Untitled Poem # 10…

by Talha Minhas

The many times I wished,

Pondered on the truths,

Time gives in to me,

As I give in to my plight.

The real is plagued;

Thoughts prevailed for so long

That could hurt your soul.

My identity is pardoned,

Depths of despair revised.

I am a being on two feet,

No longer immortal, old and wise.

So long, my love,

My forsaken pride.

The road I walk is only too far

Away from safety, and people and moths.

I am a virus creeping over all of us, like

Clouds rushing to nothingness;

Towards some unending stretch

Where Carpe Diem is only not wished,

For stagnation is not an option.

It takes more intelligence than emotion

To let go what is never meant to grow.

So, let it go.

Ha, your ways are silly.

I am not composed,

As you would have imagined;

Finding meaning in all you could.

I’m bored of your morals;

You sicken my existence,

And I yours

And for that, I stand against you

But right beside you, parallel to you.

Are you so sure of it?

Ask me to give in?

Here is to you and your people.

Leave me be and walk into your horrors.

I do not need you or your gods,

I am a reflection of your fears.

Having all these dear things around,

I confess my lies.

Mother, let me go.


Talha Minhas; 11-28-2012.