Untitled Poem # 5…

by Talha Minhas

The October sky is way past behind

In my memory, you will always be blind

Some days and ways are never understood

Past in my knees, there is pain

Of all the years I’ve walked and strayed

Yet the times come back, give me a choice

I could not refuse but I do

To your plight, I denounce, I refuse

What is your answer, I care no more

Than the white linen curtains on my chamber door.

I have a question, I dare not ask.

Maybe it is not there, how should I know?

To end the horrors engulfed in my sorrows,

To remedy for the booze and the tea cups that I have broken

Fare well all you crazy people, I am lost.

Whatever comes to mind shall be lost.

Something about something, I cannot explain what.

Here is to you and me. Cheers.


Talha Minhas; 10-13-2012.