Untitled Poem # 9…

by Talha Minhas

Morning coffee, first cigarette of the day,

Sunlight fills the room,

Curtains flown by the winds,

Children playing out in the sun,

This is the day it all comes together.


Breakfast filled my tummy,

With no regrets to treat my soul,

These are the things of beauty.

I light another cigarette,

To make the perfect scenario.


Books lying on the table,

Where I sit and think of you.

Ashes of the past flick in the tray next to me.

Some burnt pages from my story fills the bin.

This is the day I forget, forgotten.


How should I justify

All the pain and the misery of our existence?

Happiness cannot be real, so surreal;

Explanations passed for explanations;

Time to go, to leave and drown.


La la la, so to say.

Here, there, everywhere.

Forgive my morbid thoughts,

Burn me at stake, will you, morality?

This is the day it all ends.


Hello, there, sunshine.

Here I come

Here I go

Sefless thoughts, there you go.

La la la, blah blah blah.


Talha Minhas; 11-8-2012.