Untitled Poem # 17…

by Talha Minhas

So, congratulations to you!

You’ve screwed me down…
To the ground.

Finally, you are relieved,
Your ego can swell again.

Your insignificant morals,
they have hurt me;
This is your victory, dear enemy.
Celebrate it. Rejoice.

Your deranged self-indulgence
has finally overcome mine.

Sleep well, friend like enemy,
you have earned the applaud of the wise;

you are called upon the front…
and admired, while I…
sit in the dirt and write.

But these words are exactly what you used,
to persecute my plight… to bash the likes of you.

Bask in your victory; you are proud to.
And while you do that, I will conspire,
and walk as I walked along.
And while you dance like you do,
I will look down and see that you do.