Untitled Poem # 19…

by Talha Minhas

Covers of Heaven and Hell
Become no more as I see, now.
Fading truths are all over,
having no sense of security.
Pity, selfless courage and life:
fall into semantic likeness.
Bringing back the time,
In this unending maze.
The heat below me,
stays away for fear of anxiety;
Makes appearances through dark pathways,
keeps me holding the flickering light;
But, doesn’t soothe me any more…

The lights are shame,
pity of darkness is lame.
Covers of left-over relations and associations
amalgamate with pseudo feelings of falling prey…
Drowning into the matter highly toxic,
soothes the empty veins of bloody hands.
In vain, I try to write this song of pain.
The veil tears itself apart as moments pass by.
Covers of selflessness become no more;
And as you fade away, I fade to matter…

Dreams so surreal, and so unreal,
The feeling I despise.
Night befalls with its haunting thwart.
Now, against I stand –
Shaking faith becomes so certain,
What seemed real, becomes so uncertain!
Fall back, drown, give up, stay down –
And never come back;
For when the sun rises,
The night promises its inception, once more.