Untitled Poem # 29

by Talha Minhas

As I drift through existence,
I am constantly reminded of my failures;
I am bound
To consider the very restrictions of truth

When I am crawling all over reality:
I want the pleasures of detachment
To give meaning to my emotions —
Or lack of.

And when I try to explain
All exposition runs dry.
All words fall short,
And I digress.

I try to show pain,
The swollen wounds of dissociation;
As I try to keep perspective
I’m destined to lose it.

As we leap toward truth,
Let it flow through us;
Instead let us flow through it —
As we digress.

We are on our own,
We are fixated on our goals;
As you crawl toward IT,
I will pull you back — to safety.

You keep pushing this discourse,
Into the depths of despair;
You are proud of your rock ‘n roll,
Your inexorable candor.
TM; Bielefeld, 3.6.2016.