Untitled Poem # 31…

by Talha Minhas

Darling, we must dance to the music of life…
And loneliness.
We must forget our past,
But remember our pain.
As summer drifts away,
Engulfed between our winters,
So must we.

This night will not be gentle –
We shall perish into its horrors,
And sorrows.
Must we then fight
And keep fighting until the end?
Until we decay…

I must tend to life,
As I look for facts —
I must not write poetry,
Until the after-hours
Of life and sanity –
Of love and darkness.

Why must you become my keeper?
We are on our own,
And afraid.
Come, darling, let us endure.

Wander across barren land
Of people and music –
Of gentle pain,
Of keen pressures and pleasures –
Of detachment
and timelessness.

Beyond shared pain —
Lies the aesthetics of isolation;
When our burdens pile,
Overcoming the benefits, of
Deep reflection and endless
Introspection —
Of useless digression.

Talha Minhas; Bielefeld, 17.6.2016.